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All About Whey Protien

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

Nowadays many atheletes, espescially Body Builders, are utilizing natural Whey Protien supplements to replenish protien levels that are burned off through hard-core excercise routines. Amino Acids prevent deterioration in muscle tissue as well as provide endurance and assisit in building mass. Protiens help supply these amino acids.

– So what exactly is Whey Protien?

Whey Protien is derived from cow’s milk and is also a by-product of making cheese, which in the past was typically thrown out as a waste product. We now know that Whey Protien is rich in amino acids essential for building muscle and overall good health.

Whey Protien is also naturally found in breast milk as well as some types of baby formula. Although protein is also found in other foods such as meats and vegetables, Whey Protein is known to have the highest digestable levels of protien that the body can use.

Whey Protien offers several other health benefits like a healthier immune system, stronger bones, weight loss, and just plain overall better well being. Whey Protien is also sometimes used to help speed the healing of wounds or burns.

– Are there risks or side affects?

Since Whey Protien is derived from food it doesn’t have any of the risks associated with man-made supplements. However, you can even have too much of a good thing if you’re not careful. Extreme high use can be more than your liver can handle. Moderation is always best.

For those who are lactose intolerant, there is Whey Protien Isolate which has less than 1% lactose.