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Benefits Of Becoming A Pharmacy Technician

Friday, November 12th, 2010

To become employed in the health care field the first step is to complete the education required in the medical field you have chosen. There are many health care employers searching for qualified people and there is projected growth for the health care industry.

One health care related job is that of a pharmacy technician. There are many benefits to working in a pharmacy. If you have had a prescription filled, you will have noted that the pharmacy technician appointed the prescription and prepared it for being dispensed, and also being responsible for transfer of the medicines to the customer. A person can prepare for employment as a technician under a trained pharmacist by obtaining a certificate. Obtaining a certificate requires classes and graduating in approximately six to eight months.

There may be other tasks required when employed as a pharmacy technician and that is decided by the employer. Researching the practices used by the pharmacy along with learning how to read, support in filling and distributing the prescription drugs are all part of the job. In addition, some employers will require computer data entry and insurance filing for customers.

Some areas to consider for studying would be drug interactions and side effects, and medications and their usage. Even though patient’s questions are always directed to the pharmacist, the pharmacist technician must have a general knowledge of the process.

The Department of Labor Statistics has indicated that this is an area that will grow considering the numbers of the senior population and its prediction to grow. Prescriptions are necessary and important to the elderly to retain a quality of life. Plus the drug companies are putting out new medicines to help cure health problems all the time. This type of job is secure and the pay scale is good. It is a good place to start in the field of health care.