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UK Healthcare System

Monday, August 5th, 2013

If you live in the UK, you probably know that the healthcare here is a great option compared to what other countries have. Even the United States cannot compete with the services that the UK offers and the price at which those services are provided. Much of that comes from the idea that the UK has the National Health Service. This national insurance program is designed to ensure that everyone in the country has access to the healthcare that they need and that they don’t go bankrupt because they can’t pay for it, or struggle because they can’t pay insurance premiums. That’s very important. Areas like the US have good insurance programs, but only for those people who have a lot of money.

When people don’t have much money and they can’t afford health insurance, it becomes easier for them to simply ignore their health. They don’t go to doctors as much, they don’t go and get screened for diseases, and they generally don’t spend much time taking care of themselves. They might be given a prescription for something but they don’t take it because they can’t afford it, or they might think that they have something wrong with them but they don’t go and get it checked out because they can’t afford the doctor visit. With that in mind they often end up in the emergency room with a problem that could have been treated much more easily (and cheaply) if they would have gone to the doctor in time.
With the UK healthcare system, those kinds of things that are so wide-spread in other countries aren’t really seen in Britain and surrounding areas. There are still some people who won’t go to the doctor for other reasons that have nothing to do with insurance – anxiety, distrust, etc – but there are not that many of these people. It’s much better to have the option to go to the doctor and get medical treatment when needed and not to have to worry about things like not having enough money. This is especially true for families with children, because when children are sick people work very hard to get them the medical care that they need.

Understand The Importance of The Care of Their Feet

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

Many diabetics do not understand the importance of the care of their feet and how that care can affect their health. Diabetes causes a condition of painful nerve damage called peripheral neuropathy. Your entire body may be affected by this neuropathy, but most often the legs and feet are the area’s most prone to have the worst of symptoms. Damage to the nerves can cause the loss of feeling in your feet. One cannot easily detect cold or hot, neither can you feel pain as easily or readily as someone who does not have diabetes. This is why diabetics get infections so frequently from something like a simple small cut on the foot. When a person is unable to feel the cut, they do not realize it is there. With no first aid, that cut can easily become infected.

Another symptom that afflicts those with diabetes is poor circulation. A good blood circulation is known to aid your body in all healing processes, so when it becomes sluggish, it takes longer for any injuries to your feet to heal. This is the reason that you need to inspect your feet each day for any sort of scrapes or cuts, and be sure you are also very careful in keeping your toenails trimmed. Trimming of the toenails aids in the avoidance of ingrown toenails. Also of note here, please do not attempt to trim any sort of callus or corn from your feet. Leave this sensitive job for your health care provider to do.

Prevention is oftentimes the best key to good health for diabetics. Make sure you always wear socks and shoes that do not in any way irritate, bind, or rub your feet. Avoid going barefoot. Going barefoot is one of the easiest ways to injure a foot. Be on the lookout for any extremes of cold or heat on your feet. Nerve damage may prevent you from accurately judging the temperature of many things that your feet may come into contact with. If you are a diabetic, it is never considered to be too late to begin taking care of your feet. In just a few minutes of your day, you can have a big effect on how well your feet will be able to keep you walking comfortably into your future.