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5 Tips to Prepare and Revise for Your Exams

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

You probably already know the basics of revision (reading and re-writing class notes) but here are five revision tips that might make revision a little more interesting and enjoyable this Easter.

Hire a home tutor
If you find it hard to discipline yourself when it comes to revision then a home tutor could be a good idea. They will help you keep focussed and ensure you know exactly what you’re doing. It might not be the most fun way of revising, but a good home tutor should make revision as interesting as possible and will help you put to use all the best revision tips.

Revise with your friends
An excellent way to engage yourself with revision is to meet up with some friends and discuss topics together. You can take it in turns to test each other and come up with summaries you think are most appropriate, as a group. Doing all your revision this way probably isn’t practical (as it’s easy to get distracted with gossip after an hour or so) but adding it into your revision timetable can be enjoyable.

Reward yourself with things you love
Keep yourself motivated by setting yourself goals throughout your revision hours. If you complete a practice paper, or you’ve spent an hour reading on a certain topic, reward yourself with a quick break to play on your games console or catch up on Facebook.

Make revision fun (and funny)
Lastly, be imaginative. Try and make revision as fun as possible by being creative. Why don’t you make a rap out of those historical dates you need to remember? It doesn’t have to be great musically, but the comedic factor will help you keep things in your memory! Need to remember some Shakespeare quotes? Mentally assign one that relates to each member of your family and your friends.

Go on a revision holiday
If you’re dedicated to your revision there are plenty of courses and revision camps available across the country to aid you with your pre-exam studies. Revision courses can consist of one-day or week long tutoring with other eager pupils. The atmosphere will be more relaxed the school, with no uniforms necessary and lots of breaks to help you concentrate. It’s a nice chance to meet new people in your local area too.

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